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Prof. YANG Bin Bin 楊彬彬教授

Chinese Language and Literature Programme

Associate Professor

BA (Lanzhou), MA (Peking), PhD (Wash)



Rm 807, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Chinese Women's Literature, Ming-Qing Literature, Women and Gender Studies

楊彬彬博士,香港大學中文學院副教授。歷任中國社會科學院文學所助理研究員、香港大學中文學院助理教授、副教授,2016年獲終身教職。她的研究與教學著重拓展明清婦女文學與性別研究的跨學科、跨文化視野。已完成兩項由香港研究資助局資助的課題,並獲得2018/19年度人文學及社會科學傑出學者獎。目前致力完成的兩部書稿分別探討清代徽商家族中的婦女著述和近代女性日記。她講授的本科課程包括:CHIN1109 中國婦女文學、CHIN2121 歷代散文、CHIN2145 元明清戲曲、CHIN2146 “病美人”:明清文學中的性別與疾病。同時擔任碩士、博士研究生導師(MPhil, MA, PhD)。


Dr Yang Binbin is an associate professor (tenured in 2016) in the School of Chinese, the University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining the School in 2010, she was an assistant research fellow at the Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Her research and teaching interest lies in developing cross-disciplinary approaches to women’s literary and cultural production in early modern China, and forging dialogues between studies of women and gender in China and the West. She has completed two GRF projects and received the 2018/19 Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship to further develop her research outputs. Currently she is completing two books on women writers in the Qing mercantile lineages from Huizhou and women diarists from the late Qing to early Republican eras, respectively. The undergraduate courses that Dr Yang teaches include: CHIN1109 Introduction to Chinese women’s literature, CHIN2121 Prose up to the nineteenth century, CHIN 2145 Chinese theater during the Yuan, Ming and Qing periods, and CHIN 2146 The “sickly beauties”: gender and illness in late imperial China. She is also supervising MPhil, MA, and Ph.D theses.