Mr. LIU Shun Hei Hayson 廖舜禧先生

  • Lecturer
  • BA(CUHK), PGDE (CUHK), Cert(Peking), MA(London)
  • 852-39175204
  • 852-28574477
  • Rm 702, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

廖舜禧先生現任中文學院講師,兼任學院 “經驗學習及交流計劃總監”◦ 廖先生執教多個學院的實用中文課程,亦開辦書法、美學欣賞各種文化工作坊。廖先生每年帶領學生前往中國學習及深度交流,與敦煌研究所、蘭州大學、四川大學、雲南大學等高校合作,足跡遍及絲路、川藏、雲南、京滬等地。交流計劃曾獲得國家教育部金獎。

Mr. Hayson S. H. Liu is the Lecturer of the School of Chinese holding the functional title of “Chief Supervisor of Experiential Learning and Exchange Programmes”. Apart from teaching various Chinese language courses, he has developed diverse cultural workshops on themes such as Chinese calligraphy and Chinese aesthetics appreciation.

Every year Mr Liu leads different experiential learning and exchange programmes in Mainland China, collaborating with a number of prestigious universities. The Ministry of Education has awarded the Gold Prize to one of the series.