Dr. YEUNG Man Shun 楊文信博士

  • Assistant Professor
  • BA (HK), MPhil (HK), DLitt (Kyoto)
  • 852-39175202
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 710, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • msyeung@hku.hk


Dr Yeung Man Shun joined the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong in 1997, and is now an assistant professor in Chinese history and culture. He carried out post-doctoral research at the John W. Kluge Center at the US Library of Congress in 2002-2003 and at Kyoto University in 2005. He is currently engaged in research on the Chinese Rare Book collection in the US Library of Congress.

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

  • 2013, “關於咖咑的《繡像紅毛番字》” [About Benjamin Bowen Carter’s Xiuxiang hongmao fanzi]. In Si C. M. (ed.) 《百川匯海--文史譯新探》[Myriad Streams Make the Ocean: New Currents in Chinese Studies], Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, pp. 220-236.
  • 2012, “China Revealed to the World: A Study of the Wuchang Translation Series Exhibited at the 1904 Louisiana Exposition,” Bulletin of Ming-Qing Studies (明清史集刊), 10: 381-427.
  • 2009, Christianity in China: An Annotated Catalogue of the 19th Century Missionary Works in Chinese at the Asian Division, The Library of Congress, U.S.A. [基督教在中國:美國國會圖書館亞洲部藏十九世紀傳教士中文文獻解題], Taibei: eHanism Global. Pages: 245 (co-author).
  • 2009, “史學評論與政治--從清朝的《史通》學談起” [The Impact of Political and Cultural Developments on the Evolution of Historiographical  Criticism in the Qing Dynasty: Examples from Shitong]. In Sin C. Y. (ed.)《明清學術研究 》 (Studies on Intellectual History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties),  Beijing: China Social Sciences Press. pp. 297-320.
  • 2008, “Inventory of the 19th Century Missionary Works in Chinese at the Asian Division, The Library of Congress, U.S.A. 美國國會圖書館亞洲部藏十九世紀傳教士中文文獻編目,” Journal of East Asian Libraries (圖書), 145: 31-39. (co-author)
  • 2007, 《香港大學中文學院歷史圖錄》[Memorable Images: A Tribute to the School of Chinese of The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong: School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong. (co-edit)
  • 2007, Annotated Catalogue of the Book Exhibition - A Bridge between Cultures: Commemorating the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of Robert Morrison’s Arrival in China [文化橋樑:馬禮遜來華二百周年紀念美國國會圖書館亞洲部展覽書目解題], Taibei: eHanism Global. Pages: 39 (co-author)
  • 2005, “China-U.S. Cultural Relations in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of Caleb Cushing’s Documents and His Collection of Chinese Materials in the Library of Congress 從美國國會圖書館藏顧盛文獻談十九世紀中、美兩國的文化交流,” Bulletin of Ming-Qing Studies, 8:261-324.
  • 2005, Fuma Susumu’s A Study of Benevolent Societies and Benevolent Halls in China 《中國善會善堂史研究》, Beijing: The Commercial Press. (co-translator)
  • 2004, “雍正年間天主教傳教事業在嶺南的發展與挫折──以1732年驅逐廣州傳教士往澳門之事件為中心” [The Development and Frustration of the Catholic Missionary Activities in Guangdong in the Reign of Yongzheng]. In Zhao Chunchen, He Dajin, Leng Dong (eds.)《中西文化交流與嶺南社會變遷》[Sino-Western Cultural Intercourse and Changes in the Guangdong Area], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, pp. 657-677.
  • 2004, “張岱對王世貞傳記文章的評價--從《石匱書》談起” [The Biographical Writings of Wang Shizhen as Evaluated by Zhang Dai in Shikuishu], Bulletin of Ming-Qing Studies, 7: 93-136.
  • 2001, “試論雍正、乾隆年間廣東的 ‘正音運動’及其影響” [On the Correct Pronunciation Campaign in Guangdong in the Reign of Yongzheng and Qianlong]. In Luke K.K. & Sin C.Y. (eds.) 《第七屆國際粤方言硏討會論文集》 [Collection of Thesis from The 7th International Conference on Cantonese and Other Yue Dialects], Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, pp. 118-136.