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Scientific Concepts and Political Visions during the Late Qing Period


【Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Visiting Professorship in the Humanities】Lecture Series
【The Long Nineteenth Century – Intellectual Turmoil during the Late Qing Period】


Lecture 5: Scientific Concepts and Political Visions during the Late Qing Period


About the Lecture
The usual understanding of contemporary political thoughts often centres on the discussion of specific political texts. This lecture emphasizes that, aside from the political thoughts that we are familiar with, there had been great transformation in the mindset and attitude towards politics. This included the political visions that resulted from various loose scientific concepts.


Professor Wang Fan-sen
Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities
Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Academician, Academia Sinica


Professor Angela Ki Che Leung

Emeritus Professor

The University of Hong Kong


24th May 2024 (Friday)  |  4:30 pm
CPD-3.04, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Tower,
Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong


Language: Mandarin


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