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地域、歷史與自我:描邊當代中國文學青年作家群 Region, History, and Self: Remapping the Young Writers in Contemporary Chinese Literature


2023/24 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



Region, History, and Self: Remapping the Young Writers in Contemporary Chinese Literature

Speaker: Mr. SU Xin 蘇鑫 (PhD)
Date & Time: April 12, 2024 (Fri) 17:30-18:45pm
Language: Putonghua
Venue: CPD-3.01, Central Podium Level 3, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face





In recent years, the “New Northeast Writers Group” has become increasingly prominent in contemporary Chinese literature. Similarly, emerging writers focusing on southern stories have garnered attention in the theoretical development of “New Southern Writing.” These two phenomena can be seen as significant “discoveries” or “inventions” in Chinese contemporary literature since 2010. This talk aims to “eventalize” these two occurrences and examine them in parallel to discern and substantiate the transformations occurring within contemporary Chinese literature. It argues that there are three clues connecting the two “events.” Firstly, both feature young writers born after 1980 as the leading force, highlighting their nuanced generational perspectives and ambition to retell history. Secondly, both focus on regional writing, reconstructing the notion of locality. Thirdly, both are catalyzed by literary criticism, with writers engaging in creative writing, textual analysis, and theoretical development concurrently. Starting from these above clues, the talk clarifies the emergence of these “events” and analyzes their commonalities in the selected works of writers. Specifically, it centers around Shuang Xuetao’s latest work Uninterrupted People as a representative of the “New Northeast Writers Group,” as well as the three writers from the Chaoshan region—Chen Qiufan, Chen Chongzheng, and Lin Peiyuan—in the “New Southern Writing” group. It points out that these young writers commonly interweave their life experiences into their literary world, hinting at the subtle yet profound presence of their homelands within their writings.


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