Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education (Chinese)


Degree Components Credits
Major in Chinese Language, Literature and Culture 90
Professional Core (Chinese Language Education) 120
Language Enhancement courses 18
Common Core courses 24
Electives 48
Total 300


Candidates majoring in Chinese Language, Literature and Culture are required to complete at least 90 credits from the courses below which should include:
1. core courses (30 credits) to be completed by the end of the second year;
2. elective courses (60 credits) with:
a. at least 54 credits of advanced courses;
b. no more than 6 credits of introductory courses; and
c. at least 6 credits from each of the lists of A, B and C below.

CORE COURSES (30 credits)

Candidates are required to complete the following core courses by the end of the second year:

CHIN1103 Introduction to standard works in modern Chinese literature (6 credits)
CHIN1116 General introduction to modern Chinese language (6 credits)
CHIN1117 General introduction to classical Chinese language (6 credits)
CHIN1118 Introduction to classical Chinese literature (6 credits)
CHIN1206 Introduction to Chinese thought (6 credits)


Candidates are required to complete at least 60 credits of elective courses from LIST A (LANGUAGE COURSES), LIST B (LITERATURE COURSES) and LIST C (CULTURE COURSES), with at least 54 credits of advanced courses and no more than 6 credits of introductory courses, including at least 6 credits from each of the three lists.


Introductory Courses
CHIN1114 Contrastive study of Cantonese and Modern Standard Chinese (6 credits)

Advanced Courses
CHIN2138 Chinese etymology (6 credits)
CHIN2139 Chinese phonology (6 credits)
CHIN2149 Chinese language from social perspectives (6 credits)
CHIN2150 A comprehensive survey of Chinese linguistics (6 credits)
CHIN2158 Classical Chinese grammar (6 credits)
CHIN2162 Cantonese linguistics (6 credits)
CHIN2168 Modern Chinese grammar (6 credits)
CHIN2169 Modern Chinese rhetoric (6 credits)


Introductory Courses
CHIN1107 Creative writing (6 credits)
CHIN1109 Introduction to Chinese women’s literature (6 credits)
CHIN1115 Study of the Confucian canons and modern society (6 credits)
CHIN1119 Introduction to literary studies (6 credits)
CHIN2121 Prose up to the nineteenth century (6 credits)
CHIN2123 Shi poetry up to the nineteenth century (6 credits)
CHIN2125 Ci poetry up to the nineteenth century (6 credits)
CHIN2127 Classical Chinese fiction (6 credits)

Advanced Courses
CHIN2122 Prose: selected writers (6 credits)
CHIN2124 Shi poetry: selected writers (6 credits)
CHIN2126 Ci poetry: selected writers (6 credits)
CHIN2130 Modern Chinese literature (1917-1949): fiction (6 credits)
CHIN2132 Contemporary Chinese literature (since 1949): fiction (6 credits)
CHIN2136 Classical Chinese literary criticism (6 credits)
CHIN2145 Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods (6 credits)
CHIN2146 The “sickly beauties”: gender and illness in late imperial China (6 credits)
CHIN2147 Reading of classical Chinese texts (6 credits)
CHIN2151 Gender and sexuality in Ming and Qing fiction (6 credits)
CHIN2152 Literature, modernity and nation in twentieth century China (6 credits)
CHIN2153 Sinophone literature and film (6 credits)
CHIN2154 Taiwan literature from the Japanese colonial period to the 1990s (6 credits)
CHIN2155 Topical studies of Sinophone literature (6 credits)
CHIN2156 Topical studies of literary theory (6 credits)
CHIN2157 Topical studies of ethnic minority literature from China (6 credits)
CHIN2159 Chinese documentation (6 credits)
CHIN2160 Traditional literary relationship between China, Japan and Korea (6 credits)
CHIN2164 The Analects and Chinese culture (6 credits)
CHIN2170 Study of Zuo Zhuan (6 credits)
CHIN2171 Women’s autobiographical writing in late Imperial China (6 credits)


Introductory Courses
CHIN1207 Traditional Chinese culture (6 credits)
CHIN1214 Chinese and western cultures: a comparative study (6 credits)
CHIN2231 Religious Daoism and popular religions in China (6 credits)
CHIN2241 History of Chinese civilization (6 credits)

Advanced Courses
CHIN2251 Chinese philosophy I: Confucianism (6 credits)
CHIN2252 Chinese philosophy II: Daoism (6 credits)
CHIN2253 Chinese philosophy III: Buddhism (6 credits)
CHIN2254 Christianity and Chinese culture (6 credits)
CHIN2264 Chinese eroticism (6 credits)
CHIN2266 History education and Chinese culture (6 credits)
CHIN2268 History of China-West cultural exchanges (6 credits)
CHIN2272 School education in Chinese history (6 credits)
CHIN2274 History of material culture (6 credits)
CHIN2275 The culture of flower in China (6 credits)
CHIN2277 Islam and Chinese culture (6 credits)
CHIN2278 Travel and economic development in Chinese history (6 credits)
CHIN2279 Neo-Confucianism in Song-Ming periods and contemporary religions and ethics (6 credits)
CHIN2280 Publishing and culture in Chinese history (6 credits)

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