Ms. CHAN In Suet 陳嫣雪女士

  • BA (LN), MPhil (HK), PhD candidate
  • Dr. CHAN Yuen Chi


Chan In Suet is a doctoral candidate in the School of Chinese at the University of Hong Kong, focusing on the reading of excavated ancient Chinese texts including oracle bones, bronze inscriptions and bamboo slips. Her primary research interests lie in Chinese etymology, Chinese paleography, Chinese semantics and Chinese linguistics, with a number of research outputs extensively received in Australia, Korea, China and Hong Kong. She is currently a part-time lecturer of the Chinese Language Enhancement Program (CLEP) and a demonstrator of the School. Since 2012, she has been teaching undergraduate subjects “CHIN1101 A survey of the Chinese language”, “CHIN2150 A comprehensive survey of Chinese linguistics” and “CHIN2138 Chinese etymology”. She also serves as an executive editor of the School’s academic journal Eruditus.