Dr. YEUNG Yuk Fung 楊玉峰博士

  • Associate Professor
  • BA , MPhil, PhD (HK)
  • 852-39177925
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 815, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • yfyeung@hku.hk


Dr YEUNG Yuk Fung, former Head of the School of Chinese (2007-2011), is currently an associate professor in Modern, Contemporary Chinese literature and Chinese women Literature. In addition, he is an recognized researcher in Nanshe studies and has been elected the Vice-president (副會長, 2012-) of the Association of Nanshe and Liu Yazi Studies of CASS, Peking(北京社會科學院中國近代文學學會南社與柳亞子研究分會). He had served as the DRPC Chairman about ten years and now still being an elected member of the selection committee for postgraduate students of the School. In recognition of his contribution in research education, Dr Yeung was presented the Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2009-2010 in year 2011.

代表性著述Selected Publications:

  • 2015《黃谷柳的顛簸人生與創作》(The Bumpy Life of Huang Guliu and his Creative Writings), 香港:中華書局 (Hong Kong:Chung Hwa Book Company), October 2015, 202pp.
  • 2015〈黃谷柳的電影劇作和影評〉(Huang Gu Liu’s Movie Plays and his Film Critics),《文學評論》(Hong Kong Literature Study) 41期,2015年12月,頁85-96。
  • 2015〈自然主義?敘事文?──論夏丏尊的小說創作〉(Naturalism? Narrative Essays? :A Study of Xia Mianzun’s Fictional Writings), 《趙令揚教授上庠講學五十週年紀念論文集》(Golden Jubilee Essays Dedicated To Professor Chiu Ling Yeong), Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, June 2015, pp.383-398.
  • 2014〈夏丏尊譯介日本文學及日譯本著作的貢獻和意義〉(The contribution and significance of Xia Mianzun’s translation and introduction of Japanese literary and translated works), in《啟蒙‧革命與現代性的追尋——第二屆中華南社學壇論文集》(Pursuits of initiation, revolution and modernity: The collected volume of papers of the 2nd Nanshe Forum), September 2014, pp.178-195。
  • 2013《探索與鉤沉:現代女作家與中國婦女解放問題》(Inquiry and Retrieval: Modern Chinese Women Writers and the Issue of Emancipation), 北京:中國文聯出版社(Beijing: China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing Corp.),July 2013, 204pp.
  • 2013〈中西文化的融合與抉擇──論《超人》和《旅行》的處世哲學〉(“Choices of Cultural Synthesis and Selection: A Study of The Superman and A Trip”),《文學評論》(Hong Kong Literature Study)26期,2013年6月,頁40-46。
  • 2013〈再論《生死場》的結構與“迫力”〉(A Critical Study of the Structure and Tensions of Shengsi Chang), 載任雪梅主編:《百年視閾論蕭紅》,哈爾濱:黑龍江人民出版社,February 2013, 頁46-54。
  • 2012《南社著譯敘錄》(A Survey of Nanshe’s Literary and Translated Works) , Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, December 2012, 361pp.
  • 2009《世紀南社‧詩畫百家》(Nanshe Centenary And Its Hundred Artist Works), Hong Kong: International Association for Nanshe Studies, 2009, 122pp.
  • 2009 “From Nora to Luo Wei-na: The Development Of Modern Chinese Women’s Liberation”(〈從娜 拉到羅維娜──中國婦解的發展道路〉), A Collection Of Works For Marking The 80th Anniversary Of The School Of Chinese, 上海:上海古籍出版社,2009, 頁413-423。
  • 2007  “Comments on the articles regarding the theme of ‘Exploring the Prospect of Chinese Literature in the 21st Century’”, The Destiny of Modern Chinese Literature, 2007, pp.523-530.
  • 2002〈鄧萬歲傳〉(“The  Biography of Deng Wansui”), in 《南社人物傳》(The Biographies of Nanshe Figures),北京:社會社學文獻出版社,2002年6月,頁54-59。
  • 1997《曼昭南社詩話》(Manzhao‘s Nanshe Shihua), Peking: University of Chinese People Press, 1997.
  • 1992〈曹禺劇作與中國婦女解放問題〉(“Caoyu’s plays and the emancipation of Chinese Women”), in《中外學者論曹禺》(Zhongwai Xuezhe Lun Caoyu), Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 1992年10月, 頁162-171.
  • 1987《通志》初刻於南宋論──兼談至大本的刊刻情況〉(“The First Impression of Tong Zhi in Southern Song and the Publication of its ‘Shi-da’ Edition in Yuan Dynasty”),《大陸雜誌》75卷2期,1987年8月,頁38-43。
  • 1987〈司馬文森與卡爾瑪──中西文學交流史上失落的印記〉(“Sima Wen-sen and Joseph Kalmer: An Sino-British Interflow of Modern  Literature”),《香港文學》(Hong Kong Literature Monthly)35期,November 1987, 頁21-25。
  • 1986〈傳奇小說反映的唐代婦女“貞節”及地位問題〉(“The Problems of Chastity and Status of the Tang Women that reflected in the Zhuan-qi fictions” ,《明報月刊》(Ming Pao Monthly), no.241(Jan.1986), 頁179-182.
  • 1985〈艾軒著述流傳考略)〉(“A Research on the Circulation of the Works of Ai Xuan”) ,《中華文史論叢》(Collections of Essays on Chinese Literature and History), 1985:4(Nov.1985), 頁273-278.
  • 1984〈一九四九年以前易卜生的譯介在中國〉(“Introduction and Translation of Ibsen in China Prior to 1949”),《東方文化》(Journal of Oriental Studies) vol.20 no.1 (1984), University of Hong Kong, 頁55-66。