Dr. SONG Geng 宋耕博士

  • Associate Professor
  • BA (Beijing Foreign Studies University), PhD (HK)
  • 852-39177923
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 806, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • gsong@hku.hk
  • https://hku-hk.academia.edu/GengSong

宋耕博士2012 年加入中文學院,教授翻譯研究和中國研究領域的課程,此前在澳大利亞國立大學(2006-2012年)和新加坡南洋理工大學(2001-2006年)執教多年,並擔任上海大學、中國人民大學客座教授、新加坡旅遊局翻譯顧問等。宋博士致力從跨文化、跨學科的角度考察當代中國的性別、流行文化、影視以及意識形態等問題,在國際權威刊物如Modern China, The China Journal, Asian Studies Review 等發表英文論文多篇,並著有7本中英文專/編著。他是香港大學出版社“亞洲男性研究叢書”的主編。他主持的中國80後作家作品英譯項目,最近由夏威夷大學出版社和外語教學與研究出版社聯合出版,目前正在從事有關中國當代電視中民族主義與跨國想像的課題研究。

Dr SONG Geng joined the School of Chinese, HKU in 2012 as Associate Professor in Translation Studies and China Studies. Previously he taught at the Australian National University (2006-2012) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2001-2006). Dr Song’s research agenda focuses on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary investigations of culture and ideology in a globalizing China. Among his publications are two monographs on Chinese masculinities, an edited volume on Chinese television, a translated anthology of works by the post-80s writers in China and a number of research articles in prestigious journals, such as Modern ChinaThe China Journal, and Asian Studies Review. He co-edits a book series on “Transnational Asian Masculinities” for Hong Kong University Press. He is currently working on a project on nationalism and transnationalism in Chinese television.

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

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