Dr. CHAN Wing Ming 陳永明博士

  • Associate Professor
  • BA, M.Phil (HK), MA (Indiana), PhD (ANU)
  • 852-39174806
  • 852-28581334
  • Rm 852, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • wmchan83@hku.hk


Joining the School of Chinese as a postdoctoral fellow and an honorary assistant professor in 2008, Dr Chan now is an associate professor in Chinese history and culture. His research interests are Chinese intellectual history, history of Chinese historiography and history of Qing China, on which two books and about forty papers in Chinese and English were published.

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

  • 2017, From Rebel to National Hero: The Images of Zhang Huangyan in Qing Dynasty 《從逆寇到民族英雄: 清代張煌言形象的轉變》, Taipei: National Taiwan University Press, Pp. 266.
  • 2016, “The Cultural Policy of Manchurization in the Early Qing: An Investigation of Clothing and Language”〈清入關後的滿化文化政策──以服飾和語言為中心的考察〉.Chinese Culture Quarterly《九州學林》, vol. 37: 1 -21.
  • 2016, “Collective Memory under Political Repression: Circulation of the Deeds of Zhang Huangyan in the Early Qing”〈政治抑壓下的集體記憶: 清初張煌言事蹟的傳播〉.Chinese Studies《漢學研究》, 34.2: .107-140.
  • 2013, “On the Selection Criteria of the Qianlong Biographies of Twice-Serving Ministers”〈乾隆《貳臣傳》立傳原則平議〉, Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica《中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊》, vol. 84.4: 753-784.
  • 2013, “Politics and Dynastic Change: On the Alignment of Ming Officials with the Qing”〈鼎革困局下的政治抉擇:論明清易代之際北都明臣的降清〉, Chinese Culture Quarterly《九州學林》, 32: 57-75.
  • 2013,“The Omitted Early-Qing Twice-Serving Ministers in Biographies of Twice-Serving  Ministers”〈《貳臣傳》失載清初閣、部貳臣考〉. In Myriad Streams Make the Ocean: New Currents in Chinese Studies 《百川滙海──文史譯新探》, ed. C.M. Si (Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Co.), pp. 127-138.
  • 2011, Political Identity and Historiography in Early Qing 《清代前期的政治認同與歷史書寫》, Shanghai: Shanghai gujichubanshe. Pp. 331.
  • 2010, “The Compilation of the Ming History in the Yongzheng Period”〈雍正朝《明史》的編纂〉. Chinese Culture Quarterly 《九州學林》, 25-26: 153-171.
  • 2010, “From ‘Writing History for the Defunct Dynasty’ to ‘Fostering the Confucian Principles and Virtues’: Early-Qing Writings on Southern Ming History”〈從「為故國存信史」到「為萬世植綱常」──清初的南明史書寫〉, New History《新史學》, 21.1: 1-51.
  • 2010, “Collaborators and Public Opinion in Early Qing”〈降清明臣與清初輿論〉. Chinese Studies 《漢學研究》, 27.4: 197-228.
  • 2004“Official Historiography and Ideological Indoctrination in High Qing,” Oriens Extremus, 44: 253-274.
  • 2000,“The Qianlong Emperor’s Recognition of Ming Loyalists in 1775-1776,” Asia Major, Third Series, 13.1: 109-137.
  • 2000, “The Early-Qing Discourse on Loyalty.” East Asian History, 19: 27-52.