2018-2019 Handbook

Last updated: 2018/08/03


A new course on “The Story of Mandarin 官話演進史” (introductory level) will be offered by the School of Chinese in semester 2 starting from 2018-2019.

For BA&BEd(LangEd)-Chin students, this is a CLLC course on:

List A: Chinese Language and Literature (for students admitted in 2018/19) /

List A: Language Courses (for students admitted in 2017/18 or before).


  • CHIN 1119, CHIN 2174: will be offered in Semester 1 instead of Semester 2.
  • CHIN 2121, CHIN2123, CHIN2145: will be taught by Dr. Ho, Kwai-cho.

Last updated: 2018/08/03