Ms. YEUNG Yuk 楊煜女士

  • Lecturer
  • BA (HK), MA(Nott.), MA TCFL CLL (PolyU)
  • 852-39175102
  • 852-25485732
  • Rm 716, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Ms. Yeung Yuk joined the School of Chinese at HKU in 1995. She was previously a part-time lecturer in The City University of Hong Kong and British Council. She is a lecturer at School of Chinese and specialized in teaching local undergraduates Putonghua and teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She is good at comparing Putonghua and Cantonese in vocabulary and grammar. As she studied at the University of Nottingham before, she also gained a lot of knowledge and theories in linguistics and English language teaching. Therefore, she is good at teaching Chinese grammar, spoken Chinese, Chinese characters, Chinese writing, Chinese reading and business Chinese. In addition, Ms. Yeung is also interested in teaching foreign learners classical Chinese and contemporary Chinese literature.

專著及課本 Books:

  • Editor of Low Carbon Logistics: Good Practice and Guidelines for SMEs (Chinese version) 低碳物流:行業優良實踐與中小企業指引(中文版), 2013 C.Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies
  • University Putonghua (Vol. I & II) 新編大學普通話上、下冊(member of the  compilation team), 2012, Hong Kong University Press.
  • Putonghua Textbooks , Workbooks and Teacher’s Manual for Primary four to Primary  six students, 易學普通話(課本、作業及教師手冊)(小學四、五、六年級)2003,  Hong Kong Manhattan Press.
  • Putonghua for University Students 大學普通話上、下冊 (member of the compilation  team), 2002, Hong Kong University Press.

代表性期刊論文 Selected Journal Articles:

  • Journal Article “University Student and Teacher Perceptions of Teacher Roles in   Promoting Autonomous Language Learning with Technology outside the Classroom” (with Dr. Chun Lai) Computer Assisted Language Learning, Dec. 2014 (DOI:10.1080/09588221.2015.1016441)
  • Journal Article “The Development of the Mandarin Interlanguage Corpus (MIC)- A   Preliminary Report on a Small-Scale Learner Database” (with Dr Wai-lan Tsang) JALT Journal Vol.34, No.2, November 2012

代表性研討會論文 Selected Conference Papers:

  • Conference Paper “香港大学对外汉语及历史文化课程的设计与评估”(2017 The 3rd International Conference on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) with Dr. CM Chan, Dr. YY Chan, Dr. YH To, Ms KY Song and Ms H Yang
  • Conference Paper “Definite discourse-new reference in L1 and L2: The case of L2 Mandarin” (CASLAR 2016 4th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research) with Dr. Peter Crosthwaite, Miss Li Lu and Miss Bai Xuefei
  • Conference Paper “香港大学对外汉语课程的设计与评估” (亚太地区国际汉语教学学会第七届年会)(2015 Asia-Pacific Consortium of Teaching Chinese as an International Language)with Dr. CM Chan, Dr. YY Chan, Ms KY Song and Ms H Yang
  • Conference Paper “Curriculum design in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at HKU” (4th Annual International Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics (L3 2015)) with Dr. Yan Yan Chan and Ms. Hong Yang
  • Conference Paper “Information technology and professional Putonghua Teaching” “資訊科技與專業普通話學習” (2013 Putonghua Teaching Seminar at Tertiary Level in Hong Kong 2013香港大專普通話研討會) with Dr. C.M. Chan
  • 12th J-SLA Conference Poster presentation “Behind the Scene: A Showcase of the   Workflow on an Adjunct Model of Chinese Enhancement Course” with Dr. C.M. Chan, June 2012
  • 10th J-SLA Conference Poster Presentation “The Development of the Mandarin   Interlanguage Corpus (MIC) – A preliminary report on a small-scale learner database”  with Dr. W.L. Tsang, June 2010

研究项目 Research Projects:

  • 2012-13 Co-investigator of SMEs Development Fund $701,910 Projector Title: Low Carbon Logistics: Good Practice and Guideline for SMEs.
  • 2009-11 Co-investigator of Small Project Funding $80,000 The Mandarin Interlanguage Corpus